Infrastructure Engineer

The Infrastructure Engineer is responsible for the design, maintenance, stability, operations and implementation of the infrastructure for all platforms at Xanadu and the Matchbook platform.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Plan, design, and manage the deployment of highly available IT infrastructure and associated support services, including data centre racking (co-location), networks (inter-DC VPNs, internal DC networking, Juniper, Cisco, F5), servers (Linux and Windows), storage (shared, local), security and systems applications for all companies across the group.
  • Key responsibility for the security, scalability, performance and redundancy for all platforms including capacity planning.
  • Proactively perform operational management of the data centres and computing environments. 
  • Development and infrastructure support for our continuous integration environments, enabling the engineering teams to provision their own environments and deploy their own code on their own.
  • Creating an on-going, product-led, infrastructure roadmap for the group.
  • Negotiating and managing SLAs and other vendor contracts.
  • Oversee and prioritise associated day-to-day operational activities, tactical projects and strategic initiatives. 
  • Develop and implement policies, procedures, and standards across the systems and network teams.
  • Develop and implement IT Business continuity and disaster recovery plan utilising multiple data centres and cloud providers such as AWS.
  • Coordinate the analysis and troubleshooting of performance and availability of all systems and networks across the enterprise.
  • To provide information and advice to the key stakeholders on network infrastructure risks and issues as appropriate.
  • To provide strategic leadership and operational management for infrastructure services.
  • To lead the development of key performance indicators and performance management reports for network and compute services, to assess and monitor the quality of the services provided.
  • To ensure that the network and systems adhere to relevant standards including those set out by law, and other regulatory and statutory bodies including license conditions.
  • To lead on the development of the network and systems architecture, including procurement, future-proofing and options development and appraisal.
  • To plan, design and install new network and systems solutions, coordinating project groups, consultants and suppliers so that the solutions meet identified requirements, budgets and timescales.
  • To coordinate with the Office IT team and assist in the maintenance and design of the company‚Äôs internal IT systems across the 5 office locations in the group.
  • Perform the chapter lead role in a matrix structure with infrastructure experts operating within different features teams acting as their line manager.
  • Act as product owner and scrum master for a tooling layer team developing product increments of a tool set that allows abstraction and automation of deployment of Infrastructure as Code.
  • Optimise infrastructure to ensure maximum efficiency and usage of devices and bandwidth and operational costs.

What we are looking for?

  • Working knowledge of security processes and protocols such as IPsec, VPN tunnels, firewalls/DMZ
  • Thorough knowledge of virtualisation such as VMware and KVM, including use of cloud services such as Amazon AWS as well as knowledge of containers such as Docker.
  • Knowledge of storage options such as network attached storage (ideally EMC and HP or other tier-1 vendors) and storage area networks and their design and operation.
  • Good knowledge of networking technologies and concepts such as DNS, routing, load balancing across virtual pools, switching, VLANs and subnet design.

Xanadu is an equal opportunities employer